The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir

I’m no John Muir but I do value very much the time in the mountains, so below are some of the wonderful places i’ve been fortunate to experience in person. I say it’s a wonderful exchange where at the cost of tired body, you receive a peaceful soul 🙂

13,435ft view of the shadow from the top. 2008, April 11 @ Mt Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia


14,179ft view from top of. 2012, May 20 @ Mt Shasta, USA


19,101ft peak but did not summit. 2012, Dec 6 @ El Misti, Peru


19,974ft peak but did not summit. 2012, Dec 16 @ Huayna_Potosí, Bolivia


14,505ft peak facing the other directdion. 2013, Jun 8 @ Mt. Whitney, California


9,739ft from peak. 2014, Nov 23 @ Mt Tallac, California


Repeat of Mt Whitney 2016, May 9 @ Mt Whitney Mountaineer Route, California