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A couple of weeks ago a crazy idea was brought to my attention by my friend Julie. She said “this is right up in your alley” and there was no hiding from that. After taking a look at the one-page website/photo -> www.TheStartUpBus.com I told myself “this is sooo freakin’ awesome!”


(note: it says 12 strangers. try 35-40… i’m not joking 🙂

So of course I signed up… just out of curiosity. Over the past few weeks curiosity turned into a burning desire to be a part of this.

The idea got started by Elias Bizannes to put a bunch of strangers with a single common denominator – passion for startups – on a bus and drive from San Francisco to Austin, Texas where SouthBySouthwest Interactive conference will be taking place. On this bus, “buspreneurs” will attempt to create multiple startup prototypes and pitch them to VCs and other startup industry insiders both along the route and at SXSW.

Today, I got a greenlight at work to take the next week off and right away went ant booked a Southwest flight to San Francisco next Monday. This means that in exactly a week from today, on March 9th, we will be officially launching TheStartUpBus by hitting the road on this “incubator-bus” packed tight with about 35-40 people from all over USA, Germany, Australia and other places. I am amazed by the talent that this idea has attracted and truly look forward to see what comes out of this experiment. One thing I know for sure is that at the very least I’ll meet awesome crowd of tech and business people, be challenged and perhaps find this to be the best way to push the limits of idea-generation and business development.

IN MOTION... Here’s the preliminary map with the stops along the way.

Rolling in the Southwest

What do you think about this trip? Would you do it? Got a business idea?

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