Spring break (recess week)

I am on spring-break now at the National University of Singapore, so I, Gabi, Loic and Rahel took a flight to Philippines for a week and now we are in Legaspi. The end of monsoon season is not very travel-friendly so instead of the expected sun we are flooded with ton of rain. Last Saturday we took a 14-hour bus ride to Legaspi from the capital Manila.
Next morning, after hiring a mountain guide from our new friend Richard (from Royal Quest Tours) attempted to climb Mt. Mayon (still active, most perfectly-shaped volcano), but heavy rains prevented us from reaching the top (or as close as dept. of tourism allows).
It was a very dangerous climb and at one point we were standing on the edge of a long waterfall, that rattles down the mountain like a big snake with a wet & shinny volcanic rock “skin”, and waited for the rain to subside because the amount of water falling has probably quadrupled in a matter of 10 minutes. Shivering and holding on to branches of trees and grass we waited out the rain and humbly began our descend. Including a couple of bruises and grass-cuts we made it down safely, but Mt. Mayon showed that HE, not US… mere mortals, decides who goes up and who doesn’t.

2400m high, Mayon stands tall and unconquered by the 4 students from NUS.
The weather sucks that’s why I am not chilling on the beautiful beach but sit here writing my blog in the Internet cafe (15 pesos/hour = 30c US).


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