So i’ve been consumed with my life in the past few weeks that i wasn’t able to update this blog. The dates for the Brazil trip are shaping up nicely. Tentative:August 14th – September 4th. Although the trip might be shorter than I initially wanted  it to be, it will be a good 2.5 weeks of exploring the region.

I guess my really good excuse for not updating is my brother’s visit to Chicago. He and my nephew Kipras spent 2 weeks here and that definitely wasn’t enough but nevertheless enjoyable to the fullest extent. Me being me, we tried squeezing in a road-trip to North Carolina to get our hands on our kites (kitesurfing). We did have one session and that was good but definitely not enough. Well, I’ll have to do more of it here in Chicago. Kiting in Brazil? Hmm…. sounds good!

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