Pilipinas (Part II)

So off we go the the village called Panaman. After a long trek we get there and the village has a population of about a 100. I don’t think they have electricity, not to mention other things we are so attached to nowadays. So we walked through the village and stop on the shore of the ocean. There we see a bunch of palm trees with coconuts so we decide to take one. Slowly the locals are beginning to pay more attention to us and give us strange looks.
One of the older men comes forward and helps us to open a coconut with his machete. We drink coconut milk and feast on ripe coconut. Then we walk further on the beach and decide where to put the tent. As we walk we pass a man who is helping to pull a boat onshore. They just came from fishing. Feast or what?:) So we ask if we can buy some fish and sure enough they take us to one of the huts and sort our some fish from their box. With emphasis on selling us the squid they finally sell us 2kg of fish and help to take the guts out. We then set up the tent and take a while to start fire. Cooking fish is fun and taaaasty. We eat, drink some more coconut juice and then it starts raining so we duck to our tent and fall asleep. Understandable… after a long day of walking from one village to another.
Next morning we wake up early and go back to village. There a local offers us coffee and some sweet bread – of course being hungry we accept it. The whole village, or so it seems, stand outside watching us eat. I am sure they don’t see many tourists.
A local then takes us on his tricycle to the town. What a ride…. morning breeze is rushing through the air and finally its a sunny day:)) After all the rain sun really makes a day better.

We swim near the small port of the Caramoan and then catch the ferry to back to where the bus stops. Its about an hour ride. I took a video of the ride (its on facebook). Take a bus back to Naga city and get dropped off at CWC Resort (Camsur Watersports Complex). The owner of the complex is the government of Naga City. The guy is nuts (in a good way). He hangs out with wake-boarders and from time to time jumps on the board himself. I was wondering what is his agenda? Because it seems so pointless for this guy to hang out with this crowd when he is a governor of the town. Doesn’t he have higher responsibilities to take care of? Well, just another paradox I guess.

So we meet the crowd we hung out with 2 days ago and they are professional wakeboarders from all over the world. Guy named Laurent is from France and he is the world champion of 2007. It is really fun wakeboarding in this park. Water is quite clear and cable is in a good shape.

In the evening we say bye to our new friends and leave for Naga city where we catch a bus back to Manilla. This concludes the journey to Philippines.

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