¡oh Dios – after 3 days of spanish

Spanish language classes started on Monday @ Nueva Lengua, located in Chapinero ( a fairly nice area). First two days was a blast, I felt really good about my pronounciation and i was understanding 80-100% of what the teacher was lecturing. The idea here at the school (as it should be) is to completely avoid speaking other languages and both instruct, explain, ask and answer question TODO EN ESPANOL! = immersion concept. Today, however, I’ve felt a little frustrated by the lack of progress. There are 6-7 people in the class and we have 3 hours of lessons (8am – 11am), followed by 1 hour of conversations and spoken spanish with another profesora. 

I’ll admit my grammar is pretty terrible, but I am super eager to be pushed in the direction of getting a good grip of handling any kind of conversation, which means the focus should be on vocabulary and lots of conversations. THAT is difficult to get in a group setting where everyone is on a different level and the profesora must adapt her pace to average out the different abilities among her students. 

It’s frustrating, but it’s just a third day and I suppose, as in any task you partake, beginners luck and rapid improvement fades a bit after the initial stage, so I just need to keep learning the vocab and talk in my imperfect sentences with locals. This way I am constantly improving my listening skills (super importante!) and pick up spoken language, which is at this point much more proper than my hacked Espano-franco-talian (totally just made this one up, but i feel it’s pretty accurate). 

In other news: thinking about venturing out to a national park Sumapaz this weekend. It’s quite a logistical challeng – involves 2 buses, negotiating a local driver from a small town and entrusting that he will wait 5 hours while we hike. At the moment it’s just me, Sergio and possibly a fellow or two from Nueva Lengua, but to cost and safety, Sergio’s advice is that we don’t go unless we have 4 people. Game one! I’ll have to make that happen. 

Now on to lunch for 8,000 pesos ($4.5usd) that includes a soup, main dish and a glass of delicious tropical juice. Oh also – tried “salpico”. Delicioso! Tambien, starting today I am making arepa con huevos my 11am treat, found here at the street vendor across the street. 

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