Day 7 (Aug 29,Sat): Natal – Pipa (51km)

After spending a very chilled thursday and friday in Natal this morning we embarked to reach Pipa. Instead of going more on the interior on a big highway we opted for a smaller road winding down the eastern coast. Beautiful scenic route that hugs the coast and has some huge inclines which rewarded us with gorgeous overlooks of the coast, cliffs and the ocean. We did about 32km and stopped at a small village for some fish lunch. Then we continued down the road for another few kilometers until the road turned into a street, and then into a dirt road, and finally it ended so we needed to hop on the beach and start riding before the incoming tide washed the beach. Riding on the beach is really tough, especially with winds here being on average 25mph. To give you a perspective, it probably took us about 45 minutes to make about 4km on the beach. Saw a lot of kiteboarders along the way and that made me want to kite and wish that I had my kite with me. Once we reached the river we needed to take the ferry to transfer us to Tibau do Sul, following which it was only about 12 km to Pipa. Arriving in Pipa again presented with somewhat of a surprise. This hip place is actually quite touristy but has that cozy feel of a small town with cobblestone streets and small shops, its really hard not to like it. It was getting dark when we go in here so havent seen the beach yet but it looks like we should be able to surf here (a lot of people carrying their boards around town). What is today? Saturday! You got that right – let´s go check out the nighlife of PIPA BRAZIL!

(few photos from today are following this post).

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