Most under-utilized resource in the USA

There’s a huge advantage that we, people living in the United States, have over many countries around the world: libraries. We have libraries almost in every neighborhood, and many, if not most, are incredibly well sourced with most modern magazines, books and even video and audio material.

That’s great right? Yes, but take a look at how people utilize library. I would not go as far as saying that they’re empty, but these places contain all these resources and all this potential to help people grow, and sadly there are so few regular library visitors. I am not saying that every person should become a regular library visitor, but at least once in a while people should realize that there’s this FREE well of knowledge right in their “back yard”.

I can’t think of a better proposition than that: a free resource with unlimited potential to help you learn and grow, near your home, with a pleasant and comfortable environment. It seems like a no-brainer, but I guess people forget or get consumed by their tubes and the next best reality TV show.

So here’s my challenge to you: Go visit a local library and you will be pleasantly surprised.

And here’s my question to you: When was the last time you were in a library?

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