Melaka Jan 18-20

1st weekend at NUS I talk to my French bud Thomas and we agree on going to Melaka. After some last minute considerations and decisions we are heading to the bus stations by taxi. We barely make it to the 5pm bus and I, Thomas, Karim, and UIUC students Heidi and Michelle, along with their roommate guy from Mexico named Andres, head to Melaka. Thomas had some problems at the border so the whole bus waited while the problem was resolved. Driver scolded us that next time he will wait for 15 minutes and then leave whoever is not able to make it through the border passport check.

Leaving Singapore may appear as insignificant change of surroundings but after a couple of days in Malaysia (or the little that I saw of it) it is clear that Singapore, unlike surrounding countries, is very organized, clean and stands out of the pack.

In Melaka we stay in the hostel called Shirah’s Guest House. Bargained to get a room with A/C and for 50 ringgit (about $15US) we got a room for 4 guys:) comes out to less than $4US a person. Surprisingly the beds were comfy and clean and they even gave us towels. I believe this was my first stay in a real hostel and I am not disappointed.
So Melaka… historically a trade city that was visited by almost every cargo ship traveling from China to India or further West. Due to this there are no clean beaches in Melaka, however being a crossroads town brought a lot of rich culture and a blend of various styles of architecture… Chinese, Malay, Indian, Dutch and British symbols are all present in the old buildings. One of the highlights is Christ’s Church built in 1753. Oh by the way the taxi driver that took us from bus stations (the famous Melaka Sentral) to the town, was very knowledgeable and interesting guy. Told us not only the dates of when various buildings were built around town but also pointed out where’s the best place to see the sunset… funny thing is he somehow mixed up the times and told us that the sun will set between 5:10 and 5:15PM, although the actual time next day was a bit after 7Pm. It’s all good though. It was fun riding with the guy. He also told us how Melaka as a state is also trying to have the lowest number of accidents and lowest crime rates in Malaysia, thus no scooter rentals for tourists… bummer:(

Christ’s Church:

Facing left from the Christ’s Church is a bridge. Pass the bridge and you are facing Melaka’s China Town, or the main street that is known as Jonker Walk:

To be brief, Melaka was fun. Especially the dinner. There’s couple more pics online right here ————>

Till next, entry!

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