It’s not a destination, it’s a new way of seeing things

This Monday started with a rush to pack my remaining personal items from the apartment,  put everything in the storage and in the evening head to SFO. 

This is what I call a “consolidated version of my material life”

After a red-eye flight to Florida, I spent Tuesday hanging out with Felix and Martha-Maria. She had to work but Felix and I spent a couple of hours on the beach, then checked a really cool wine/beer bar called Blind Monk in West Palm Beach. 

Picked up Martha-Maria from work at 5:30, checked out the studio of the architecture firm she work with and then headed to a Sushi dinner. Also, I met her new coworker Andres who just recently moved back to Florida from Bogota.  He offered another 3 contacts in Bogota and now I probably have at least a soccer team of contacts in Colombia. So cool to meet people who are excited to share their knowledge and advice. 

Dinner in Boca Raton somewhere. Of course we asked for the cool space where we sat on the floor. 

After the dinner we drove to their house and chatted quite late into the night till about 1am, making sure our alarm clocks were set to 5am when Felix would give me a ride back to FLL (Fort Lauderdale) where I will catch the remaining leg of my flight to Colombia. 

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