…it has been a while

I haven’t updated the page for a while and believe it would only be appropriate to update.
So first off it was the weekend trip to Kuala Lumpur. After realizing that I cannot go to Thailand on Wednesday and then be back in KL for Formula 1 race in Sepang on Sunday (23nd of march), I just settled for a more in depth experience in Kuala Lumpur.
So I joined Johannes, his brother and 3 of his friends. These fellas spent a few days in S’pore before they continued their journey to Bali, Indonesia where they will spend a semester “studying”. …those study abroad’ers… 🙂
So we explored Kuala Lumpur a bit on Friday. Stayed in a very sweeeeet location on Petaling St, aka Chinatown. On Friday we got into the club for free because I was obnoxious enough two ask these two girls if they would take us into the club for free (after they told me that they are “big deal” around here and get into the club for free).
So they got us in and saved us a few hundred ringgit for the 6 of us. Next day we again explored KL and went to Menara KL, a 4th largest TV tower in the world.
At night there was an F1 SpeedZone party at the foot of Menara KL. Dj Mauro Picotto was there! Amazing light and show festival!

Next day was the race. Watching a race in the comfort of your living rooms is easier to follow, but no sound systems or 56inch LCD will come near replacing the thrill of hearing these 1000hp engines roar. An experience is worthwhile but after 54 laps the “watching” becomes tiring.

At night we head back to S’pore. Nice weekend.

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