Informative video about motivation. Refutes some old assumptions and helps to understand what drives people. 

Myth: monetary rewards work. The bigger the reward, the more the subject will be motivated to perform. True only in non-creative, monotonous tasks. FALSE for any creative work. 

Takeaway: how to motivate people

Prerequisite: Pay people enough to take $$$$ issue out of the picture. Pay enough to remove money as a motivator.

  1. Autonomy: self direction, engagement (ex. give time to people to work on whatever they want – don’t offer money as a reward. $$$ inhibits creativity)
  2. Mastery: “get better at stuff”. Seems economically “irrational”, but not true. Example: why do people spend time on a weekend to learn to play an instrument? They practice, they learn, they feel good about getting better, making a contribution. This if at the core of these companies: Linux, Apache Server, Wikipedia
  3. Purpose: why is the company doing what they’re doing? Google wants to organize the world’s information. Steve Jobs wants to “put a ding in the universe”. It is NOT just profit. In fact, when $$$ is the main goal – you get financial meltdowns like the most recent one 2007-2009. Keep purpose and goal of profit together, but don’t let profit start driving the purpose. 

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