Gimtadienis = Birthday

Bega metai, bega dienos:) Stai ir dar vienas gimtadienis. Sis sutiktas su naujais draugais Singapure. Vakar (30d) sventeme klube o siandien bare buvom.

So today (the day that ended 3 hours ago) was my 23rd b-day. Even though I am far away from my close friends and family, I had a great day today. It was really great to have very nice people around me to go out to St. James club complex yesterday and to the famous (or is it infamous) Wala Wala bar for some live music tonight.

Also got two amazing gifts today. Ramona sent the most wonderful powerpoint presentation made specially for my birthday:) Rahel brough a beautifully wrapped piece of cake and also gave a friendship band (the thing that is tied around wrist).
It’s the little things that mean the most. Also many people congratulated me today and I am very thankful to all of them.
Esp the crowd I hanged with yesterday and today, so Ran, Rahel, Johannes, Tobias, Thomas, Manas, Gabi, Loic, Aleks, Charles, and others.

update: 02.02.2008 Ran (Welcoming Buddy) txted me yesterday that she needs to pass something to me so we met up to have lunch and she gave me a beautifully giftwrapped webcam!! Can she be any sweeter? I looked around the stores after I arrived and didn’t buy a webcam cause it was very expensive, a luxury:P So thank you Ran, you’re the best welcoming buddy in the world!

I have been slow about updating my blog but I promise to take more time and write a bit about my Singapore experience. I have learned quite a few interesting things about this country, and the people that live here. Still lots to see and learn though:)


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