Day 2: Praia das Fontes, Beberibe (65km)

Althought day 1 offered some challenges, day two was probably tougher. We got up early, at around 7:30am (Sunday, 23rd) ate some good breakfast at the pousada and then headed to the only mechanic in the village. He replaced my rear inner tube and while there I decided to buy an extra tube (wise decision as you will see later). We left the town at 10:37am heading for Beberibe (about 65km from Prainha). Highway was nice, a few inclines but nothing majorly tough. Wide shoulders on both sides (most of the way) so allowed us to ride pretty comfortably. I know, i know… i am getting to it  🙂 Two things: sun and wind. Unlike our bicycles or other man-made stuff we had no control over these forces of naturem.  Since we left right before the noon’s scorching sun, we were riding in pretty crazy heat. Yes, some sunburn has resulted from it (especially on Thomas’ legs) but the toughest part was wind. We were heading east, hitting the headwinds coming from the direction of the Atlantic ocean. Last 10 kilometers was hell… literally it felt as though we were peddaling but not getting anywhere. Imagine going up a slight incline with a 25mph (~40kmp) winds coming at you, with your bike weighing ~120kg or more, with the sun burning your hands, calfs and everything that’s in its way = tough. So that was day 2. We arrived in the small of village of Praia das Fontes. Settled in a pousada for R$60 (we need to start economizing and using the tent:). Later in the evening we got leg massages from this local “professional” masseuse. It was well worth it cause legs were pretty sore. Oh and you might wonder why I said it was wise to buy a spare tube in the morning. Upon the arrival to pousada. I stopped, got off the bike and looked at my rear tire… almost flat! Strangely, i inflated it and it seems to be holding air. “Wolf” is also making some other sounds, perhaps indicating wheelbearing problem, but I think it can handle a little more than that. Don’t dissapoint me Wolf! Ramona asked why I gave my bicycle a name? Well its my really good friend now and I rely on it so I need to be in a close relationship and on good terms :)))

Today we decided not to ride the bicycle. We will take the bus to Canoa Quebrada. Why? Couple reasons: the road from here to Canoa Quebrada is very bad with almost no shoulder and lots of truck traffic. All the locals said we would be crazy to ride it. Also it would be a good day to recoup and recover from day 1 and day 2, which kicked us in the butt. We could cycle on the beach after the tide goes out and the sand it hard packed but we’ll keep that option for later. Oh it was also raining this morning so I am glad we weren’t on bikes. I see this as a one step back to later take 2 steps forward. Now I am at internet cafe in Beberibe center, waiting for a bus to get us to Canoa Quebrada. Tchau! Tudo bem!

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