Cycling: Day 1 – Prainha, Brazil (34 kilometers)

After checking out the night scene in Fortaleza…which was …meeeehhhh…. not so great. We didnt wake up early as planned (6am was the plan). Got up around 10am and started packing. Thomas packed perfectly lightly (GOOD job man!), and I was a different story. With the 90 liter backpack and a smaller backpack on my hands i needed to stuff everything on a bicycle. Once everything was on the bicycle it looked like an ant carying 10 times its weight. BUT!!! Everything held on so it was quite an accomplishment.

Some issues… first, the seat on Thomas’ bike was coming off and before we left the city we had to stop by the closest car body shop and get it fixed. Second, one of my pedals starting coming off so had to screw it back on couple of times till it finally stayed there. Third, the handlebar on my bicycle was unscrewing and getting loose so from time to time i needed to screw it back on. That happened many times, including once when the multi-key was with Thomas and I was about 1-2 kilometers away… so I walked. That’s when we agreed that we should keep a closer distance for reasons such as the one above, as well as security. Fourth…. kilometer 34 (from Fortaleza … we were so glad to leave the city …traffic is insane there). We took a quick break after climbing one of the many hills we encountere riding along the coast and I was getting back on my bike and the tire FOR NO APPARENT reason goes flat! So we walked to the closest village… Prainha. Looks like a very remote village and we luckily found this descent Pousada called Gran Playa.

So now we are relaxing, drinking “Caipirinha limon” and checking out the “farro”.. dance/bar place. Tomorrow get up at 6am and try to fix the flat tire and move on.

Troubles were encountered but we are feeling confident. The “Wolf” (my bikes name) better hold up! I need it :)Tchau!

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