Take that heat in Cartagena

On Tuesday morning (yesterday), after 14 hours on one bus, 2 hours on another and 45 minutes on the 3rd….. I arrived in Cartagena from San Gil. 

The heat here is just grueling. If I move at my normal pace, it’s literally impossible to stop sweating. Shower you say? Think again. I AM a walking shower. As far as beauty, this town is gorgeous. The old town is a preserved colonial miracle. Small streets, beautiful old building, interior gardens in almost each building. Bunch of plazas named after Simon Bolivar (seems like half of plazas in all of Colombia, and perhaps SA, are named after him). 

Atardecer en la bahia de Cartagena de Indias, ...
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My original idea was 2 weeks here. Study. Check out the kitesurfing locations. Travel around this area, like Tayrona NP, etc. Given how unbearable this heat is, I think i might have to move faster through these areas. I still plan to visit Tayrona and hike there for a couple of days in the beautiful park that is mountainous yet located right on the Caribbean waters. Also, can’t miss to get muddy in Volcano Totumo (going in half hour) and spend a night on the beach in the hammock at Cabo San Juan. 

Another thing preventing from taking full advantage of this area is my ankle (inside of which is a 2 month old torn ligament, currently healing or pretending to do so), which started bothering me again…. after I jumped of a small cliff into the water in Curiti (near San Gil).  Well worth it but i need it to heal in order to partake in some cool sports here in Northern Colombia. 

Gotta go now, my hands are sticking to my laptop and I don’t think sweat is a good lubricant for this keyboard. Parting image, I went Paragliding in San Gil. Soar like a bird: 

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