Trip to Cambodia with Thomas, Shelley and Ran was great. We had a good time in KL before leaving. First we did some climbing!!! and then headed to the airport. Taxi driver was either high or… very high. We made it though so s’all good.
First two days were spent in Phnom Penh. Long story short: got ripped off at massage parlor, not fun, but funny when I look back at it, then visited some places from the times of Khmer Rouge, 1975-1979… unbelievable nightmare that killed 4 million people. School turned into a prison was very depressing. Seeing hundreds of skulls at the killing fields was humbling. What bugs me the most is that all this happened a mere 30 years ago. How indifferent the world is to the disasters that occur in faraway places. Bringing it back to today: there are people being killed everyday in Africa but because it doesn’t affect our immediate well-being its hard to pick your hands up and do something. 30 years later we’ll be visiting the Darfur and writing on our blogs how depressing and senseless the history is. I guess that’s what defines us ‘humans’.

Angkor Wat with all the beautiful temples was amazing. We were not able to see the sunrise clearly because it was a bit cloudy and sunset was ruined by the rain. Nevertheless it was a good day of exploration and awe.

Siem Reap is a cozy little town. We only spent 2 days there so much left unexplored, but visiting the floating village was great. The sandy and bumpy ride on the motorbike was fun. Seeing many villagers look at us was kind of fun. There’s not many of our kind passing by their lands… with traditional krama wrapped around their heads:)

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