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Good morning,

Today is June 30th, 7:05 in Chicago and I am wide awake and ready to start a new day. First things first: I started this blog a couple of months ago with an intention to keep track of the ideas that come to mind and I must admit that I was not very dedicated to logging my ideas here. One random idea in my mind was a trip to Brazil, so it is today that this blog is taking a bit of a turn. Instead of it just being a list of business/etc ideas that come to mind, today this blog becomes a laundry list of things and ideas I will be writing about as I prepare to embark on my Brazilian trip in August.

Last week I was given a green light to take a few weeks from work in August and thus making my trip real. Between today – June 30th and around the 2nd week of August, when I will embark on the trip, I will be posting my thoughts and ideas in preparation for the trip.

First things is to be able to absorb as much culture and learning as I can, for those 3 short week in Brazil, so yesterday I downloaded Rosetta Stone’s Portuguese pack and will start learning immediately.

Some expectations for this blog: I expect this to be a rough draft more than anything else. Although I think I can write a descent paper with some preparation, an outline and some thought, I expect to be writing this blog at odd hours and with little time on my hands, so I give no guarantees about the flow of the written work here or continuity of topics. What’s important to me however, is the process which will take place as I prepare for this trip and while i travel the countryside of Brazil. Obviously I am not simply keeping this in my personal diary because I want you to read this, which, thankfully, also gives me an incentive to report to somebody and hopefully blog more often than I would otherwise.

To a good start,


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