BikeQuest 2008 – Cycledelic

In about half an hour I am meeting my teammates Manas, Toby and Rahel to make our trip to the East Coast Park (Haven’t been there yet) and at 9:30PM tonight, Saturday, the 2nd of February 2008 we will compete in a night bike competition/event Bike Quest 2008 – Cycledelic. The race will take place during the night hours so tentatively it should end around 5-6am tomorrow. Along with 40-some other teams we will have a task to solve puzzles in order to find hints on where the next check-point is located, equipped with only a map and a bottle of water we will rush with our bikes to that location (bikes are rented to us by the organizers).
There are two groups, leisure and competitive, so being ambitious group of amateur bikers we enter the COMPETITIVE group:) There will be some sweet prizes for the 3 teams who will find the most checkpoints around Singapore! (around 20 checkpoints total)

Look forward to the challenge and will update on the results tomorrow!


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