Bike Quest Update

So the race went very well. We have completed two areas West and Central that included about 16 checkpoints spread around Singapore, at which we had to solve puzzles and play games to complete the area checkpoints and receive clues about the next area.

The race attracted a total of 58 teams (4 members each) and started at around 10pm and ended at 6am. We crossed finish line at 6:05am but did not get penalized because at one point during the race my bike broke down so we had to wait for about 20 mins to have another bike delivered to us by the organizers. I still don’t know the final rankings but we will know soon.

Overall it was a challenging task and required some effort, especially the final few kilometers. When joining our team Rahel was afraid that she might not be able to keep up with three guys, and in the end she was the second to cross the finish line! Amazing effort!
This is the summary of the route we took:

3 winning teams were all professional biking teams and had about 200 points more than we did. We had 730 points, 3rd place winner had 930 and first place had 1015.

All of us were exhausted after the race so while we waited for the scores and announcement of the winners I jumped into the ocean at the East Coast Park (Very refreshing!) and in the meantime the sun came up.

I am very happy that I was able to compete in Bike Quest 2008 and if there will be a chance to do it again, I AM IN!

Because I did not select a team name when registering for the event, the organizers used my name for the team name, thus my lithuanian soccer shirt worked very well with our “team name” Karolis on the back 🙂

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