Arrival to Singapore

I begin my blog exactly 1 week after my arrival to Singapore. 1 week is a short period of time but I already had a chance to experience some of what Singapore has to offer. In fact, I already took a weekend-trip to Malaysia (next blog entry). So arriving to Singapore was an exhausting experience. I and a group 21 students left Zagreb after our GEDI trip in Croatia. Jumping of the plane in Frankfurt required to quickly say goodbye to the rest of the group as their flight to Chicago was already boarding and they needed to be transported from one aircraft to the next via airport shuttle. Quick hugs and a few sad faces ran through my eyes and I was on another shuttle closing the trip to Croatia and beginning a new adventure: Singapore! After flying from Frankfurt to London, then Dubai, after some 20 hours I arrive in Singapore. Sounds easy but in the process I almost missed one of my flights due to the incompetence of Lufthansa’s staff at Frankfurt airport. They were not able to route my 2 bags directly to Singapore, so they made me pick up my luggage in London, which in the end I did not do, or else I would have missed a flight to Dubai and thus Singapore. The result of all this? – I had to report lost luggage at Singapore airport and spend the first night in the dorm without towels or clean clothes:) Luckily Singapore is warm and I survived until the next evening when airport called and said that their guy will deliver my luggage in a few minutes.

My awesome welcoming buddy Ran met me at the airport and for the next couple of days hung out with me to help me register, obtain my student pass and temp resident card. I am really happy that I opted out for the Welcoming Buddy program that was made available through office of Student Affairs. So to end this entry, I would like to tell you why i am writing all this. I would like this blog to be my public-diary. I never had success in writing a real diary so maybe modern technology will at least help me to have a public diary. On this blog I will attempt to track my experience in Singapore and share my impressions, ideas, travels, and picture with you.

Till next entry!:) p.s. this is a cool picture I took in Dubai. I only stayed there for a few hours, but the luxury and material richness $$$$$$ of the country was clearly visible.

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