Another reason to travel

I can list plenty of reasons why traveling is awesome, not the least of which is the excitment of adventure and the unseen. However there is one subtle reason that is not very apparent. I noticed recently that whether im flipping through a magazine or browsing online, i automatically gravitate and pay much more attention to the articles that relate to the countries and locales i have visited. An example you say? Sure, here is a good one: yesterday i read the paper and from a bunch of articles i read i remember most clearly the articles about Singapore’s prime minister and Northeast Brazil’s ascension in regional progress and wealth. This applies to all other places i was fortunate to have visited.

I think this is a positive byproduct, a legacy of travel and can definitely be used as an excuse to travel more (for those needing one). Traveling and seeing new places makes you aware of complexicity and existence of faraway locations much more than reading about it or even watching a film. Experiences you bring from there make you see new information through a different, a more relevant, lens. Why do i write about this? I think this is an important motivation to travel and see more, experience more of the world unseen and start to better understand the role you play in the world. But wait… maybe the gravitational interest toward these faraway places is what brought us there in the first place?

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