Adiós Bogotá

Ciao Bogotá! It’s been a really great 15 days here. I met amazing people here and the experiences and our conversations are going to remain deep with me forever. I hope to come back here one day, but now the road is open again – I am catching a 7hr bus ride in 2 hours to San Gil where I will spend this weekend and then continue north to Cartagena. As I continue, the weather should get warmer and warmer. Bogota is quite chilly, at least at nights, I’d say about 50F at night and maybe 65F during the day.  

I am currently a bit under the weather, but given how many cool outdoor activities are awaiting in San Gil, I hope I get better soon and get rid of the nasty cough I picked up here in Bogota. 

Other than this cough you gave me, I love you Bogotitá!

Bolivar Square panorama in Bogota, Colombia Es...
Bolivar Square panorama in Bogota,  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bogota (Photo credit: Candor)

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