8. Scratch your own itch

One of the easiest ways to start something is to fix a problem that you have. A ton of people started the most successful companies by simply creating a solution to the problem they personally experienced. From Nike shoes to Dyson vacuum cleaners, to social networks, to Apple computers – the founders simply “scratched their itch”.

Solving a problem that you personally have ensures a couple of very important things:
1. A problem actually exists, it’s not just an imaginary problem.
2. You will know how well you’re doing in solving this problem, since the solution you’re creating will help YOU to make your life better. No need for market studies.
3. You will love what you’re working on because it directly affects you.

Personal example: when I worked on an apartment-listing website in college I was solving a problem that my friends and I were personally experiencing. We had a number of property owners on our college campus but there was no way to easily compare and review all the apartments they offered in one convenient place. So we decided that we would create a website where all these properties from variety of owners can be placed. As we kept brainstorming we found other layers to this idea that would make college renter’s life easier, such as subleases, online payments and parking rentals.

So go and scratch your own itch!

(this is a series of posts on rework).

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