5. Workaholism

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In this chapter Jason bashes the workaholics. The following summarizes Jason’s take on the workaholics: “Workaholics miss the point, too. They try to fix the problems by throwing sheer hours at them.”

It can’t be more true. First of all we must know that after a certain amount of hours our productivity begins to diminish, our judgement becomes clouded and the results are less likely to impress. Putting in more hours at that point is simply a waste.

However, there is a kind of guilt associated with working fewer hours than our peers – and that guilt is what leads to workaholism. We should focus on productivity, meaning plan an agenda – get those things done and get on with our day. Don’t stay in office just to be a hero – real heroes are those who find the fastest and most productive ways to solve problems.

In America people work more than in the rest of the world. One the one hand, some of that eagerness helps US produce amazing economic results, but also a disturbing workoholism culture, which then poisons everything else. So why does American culture encourage working more than the person next to you, even beyond the point when you finished what you planned?

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