$270 to start a 6 month adventure

This has been a long time coming, but recently a sequence of events at work and in my personal life gave way for me to do something that I had been dreaming about for years – travel far, get immersed in an unfamiliar environment for an extended period of time (3+months) and see distant lands (hint: like Patagonia). After having traveled much of SE Asia in 2008 and recently visited Central America, I knew that South America is the place I always wanted to see more of. 20 days in Brazil back in 2009 wasn’t enough so that decision was easy. This time, however, it will be the west side of the continent that I will aim to explore. 6 months seems like a reasonable timeframe to immerse myself there and get a feel for the life there while also visiting some spots that I read about in books and saw in movies.  

I will speak more to my goals for this trip later, but here’s a tip on how to get things started: 

1. One objective for me is to learn Spanish, so I spoke with my friends who have been to South America – asking where they would recommend to study the language of Essspanish – multiple times Colombia came up as the place with the most proper pronunciation and vocabulary. (thanks Felix, Sebastian, Alex)

2. One of my favorite flight search engines Hipmunk.com yesterday threw out a one-way fare to Bogota for $270 and at this point I knew that serendipity has done it’s share. September 10th I will hop on a plane in SFO and next morning will arrive in Bogota. Now I need to arrange everything else – overwhelming, but one step at a time and with the help of Asana, I should be able to handle everything within the next 30 days. FYI – JetBlue is still offering that flight for $270 – go check it out. 

Have you traveled/lived in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile? Let me know how it went for you and what you recommend. 

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