10. Draw a line in the sand

Decide what you stand for. Being passionate and consistent about your philosophy will attract superfans who can advocate for you better than any advertising. It will also alienate some people, but that is the cost of having strong beliefs. That’s why Coke and Snickers buyers don’t go to Whole Food to get their favorite snacks – they can’t get ‘em there. So yes, while Whole Foods may alienate some people who can’t get their favorite foods there, it will attract many more people who appreciate the strong position that Whole Foods takes on picking what they will sell.

The author of then gives an awesome example of Vinnie’s Sub Shop in Chicago. The owner of the store says “we close shop when we run out of bread, usually at 2 or 3pm. We get it in the morning when its freshest from a bakery down the street. Sure we could get more bread in the afternoon, but it will not be as fresh. A few bucks isn’t going to make up for selling food we can’t be proud of.” TAKE THAT SUBWAY!!!

If all businesses took such passionate approach to what they do/make – we’d be living in a whole different world. So keep in mind that “drawing that line in the sand” will remind you and everybody else what you stand for.

(this is a series of posts on rework).

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