Ciudad Perdida, Parque Tayrona, Colombia 2012

Thanks for stopping by – I’m Karolis. Based in San Francisco, I’m extremely fortunate to be near the Sierras, the Pacific and the technology and pulsating innovation hub that is San Francisco.

This blog is to share some thoughts, observations and experiences from my journey in this life. Hope that you can find at least a pinch of inspiration or entertainment here. If anything here makes you want to do crazy things, I’m succeeding.

I love outdoors, nature, sports. You can find me biking up the Hawk Hill in Marin Headlands, running at the break of dawn across the Golden Gate park, swimming at Aquatic Park near Fort Mason when I can handle the cold and generally exploring the beautiful California by camping, hiking, doing triathlons, marathons and what not.

What I work on: I think we live in a very exciting technological era that is constantly changing the way we experience life and my interests lie at the intersection of tech product managing and business development. I support noble ideas and only work with people, and companies who strive to leave a positive impact on this planet.

Tech and startups are my passion because at least some of them create great things with low inputs. They slash through bureaucracy and exist with razor-sharp focus to make an impact. To get my hands dirty in this space I’ve been involved in organizing StartupBus and then launched StartupHouse in San Francisco. I’ve also had my share of navigating bigger companies, including Google and RightNow Technologies.

In my spare time I volunteer and serve as treasurer at Lithuanian American Community of San Francisco to help  grow it, expand the school and of course beat Latvians and Estonians at all tug-of-war contests.

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Facebook if our paths have crossed.